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One of two “lobbying” firms named by a NSW parliamentary inquiry — which is currently running a statewide manhunt for three “missing” Liberal Party figures — is owned by the sister-in-law of NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, it can be revealed.

The NSW upper house inquiry is investigating allegations senior Liberal Party figures used “lobbying” companies to funnel money from Sydney property developer Jean Nassif to fund the stacking of a Sydney council.

One of the two companies named by the inquiry in public hearings, Beckington Group, is associated with Christian Ellis, who along with Perrottet’s brother, Jean-Claude Perrottet, is on the run from the law, avoiding being “served” by the inquiry and forced to give evidence under oath.

The other named company, Macquarie Consulting, is 100 per cent owned by Anita Perrottet, the wife of Charles Perrottet, it can be revealed.

Charles Perrottet, who is also one of the NSW Premier’s brothers, is also refusing to appear and give evidence, telling the inquiry he is a “resident of Victoria”.

Charles and Anita Perrottet appear in a newspaper article about one of their business ventures. Source: SMH

The inquiry does not have the power to force witnesses residing outside NSW to attend.

“I have resided in Victoria since January 2021,” Charles Perrottet wrote to the inquiry.

“I will not be attending your Labor/Greens circus,” he wrote.

Companies searches by The Klaxon show Anita Perrottet fully owns, and is the sole director of, Macquarie Consulting Pty Ltd, which was created in August 2020.

She been the sole director and 100 per cent owner of the company at all times, according to records lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Charles Perrottet is a central figure in the NSW upper house inquiry and is allegedly a central figure in the NSW Reformers.

The NSW Reformers are a secretive hard-right “Christian” group alleged to have been closely involved in the stacking of the Hills Shire Council, in Sydney’s outer north-west, in December 2021.

A highly-detailed 79-page dossier sheds light on the secretive “NSW Reformers”. Source: The Klaxon

Anita and Charles Perrottet did not respond to a series of written questions put to each of them by The Klaxon last week.

Company documents filed by Macquarie Consulting state its “principal place of business” is the same as Anita Perrottet’s stated residential address, a property in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell.

Yet the “registered address” and “contact address” for the company is listed as an accountancy firm in Griffith, regional NSW, called Roy Spagnolo & Associates.

Accountant and property developer Roy Spagnolo appears in a 2013 newspaper article. Source: SMH

Roy Spagnolo, the principal of that firm, has a colourful track record, having presided over numerous failed property development companies, which reportedly collapsed owing the tax office millions of dollars.

It is not known if there is any business relationship between Macquarie Consulting and Roy Spagnolo & Associates, or if the accountancy provides professional services to the company.

Spagnolo declined to comment when approached by The Klaxon.

Macquarie Consulting Pty Ltd has no connection to the financial giant Macquarie Group, although Anita Perrottet’s LinkedIn bio states she worked as a marketing specialist with Macquarie Group for five months in 2009-2010.

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The Klaxon. What's Actually Going On.

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