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Jacinta Price has bridged the gap between Alice Springs and the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge — with the anti “political elite” campaigner accepting the ultra-exclusive, invitation only membership.

The nation’s most prominent anti-Voice campaigner — who has made her political career out of aggressively railing against “Canberra elite” — has disclosed she’s taken up a two-year “complimentary” membership to the secretive club.

Valued to be worth around $10,000 a year — although so exclusive they can’t be bought — the membership gives Price unlimited access to what former Qantas CEO Alan Joyce famously described as “probably the most exclusive club in the country”.

Most federal politicians are offered free memberships, and while many accept it — despite concerns of cronyism and soft corruption — Price’s doing so is particularly remarkable given she has spent years spruiking her claimed dissatisfaction about what she calls the “Canberra elite”.

“Together we can take on Canberra’s woke elites” — Jacinta Price

The Qantas Chairman’s Lounge — which is different to the Qantas Club, or business or first class lounges, where access can be bought —lavishes its hand-picked members with limitless cocktails, French champagne and the finest of canapes.

Its top-tier chefs will cook up any meal a guest can think of — whether it’s on the menu or not.

Members they don’t even have to be flying anywhere.

They can drop by any time they like, simply by slinking through the club’s secretive entrances, which are marked simply: “Private”.

“Probably the most exclusive club in the country” — Alan Joyce

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Jacinta Price. Source: Twitter


Price was Deputy Mayor of the Alice Springs City Council before being elected to the Federal Senate in May last year, as part of the Federal Coalition.

Price drew widespread criticism last month for stating there were “no ongoing negative impacts” of British colonisation on Indigenous Australians.

“No, there is no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation. A positive impact, absolutely,” Price told the National Press Club.

“No, there is no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation” — Jacinta Price

The statements are despite her having been an “ambassador” of Indigenous health charity Bridging the Gap — whose aim is to “address the gap” between “Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians”.

Bridging the Gap Foundation says its purpose is to “address the gap in health and education opportunities and outcomes” between “Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians”.

“The Foundation raises funds for projects in Indigenous health and education, which are major contributors to the 9-year gap in the average life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians,” its website says.

“Help us bridge the gap”.

Source: Bridging the Gap Foundation


Senate records show Price first disclosed her Qantas Chairman’s Club membership on August 13, which was the same day she disclosed she had ceased being a Bridging the Gap ambassador.

Qantas does not sell memberships to the Chairman’s Lounge, but rather it uses it as tool to wield influence and soft power by lavishing opulence on its handpicked elite members.

Price, who as Senator receives a taxpayer salary of more than $230,000 a year, has heavily promoted an image of herself as a woman of the people.

“Together we can take on Canberra’s woke elites,” she says on her website.

“Are you sick and tired of the ‘same old’ when it comes to the people that we send to Canberra to represent us? Have you had enough of the woke virtue-signalling elites telling us how to run our lives?

“Are you sick and tired of the ‘same old’ when it comes to the people that we send to Canberra?” — Jacinta Price

“It’s time to put a rocket up ‘em and bring REAL solutions to tough problems,” says Price.

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Price’s update to the register on August 13. Source: Australian Senate


Price has aggressively used that same persona — along with her recently found Federal political platform — to lead the campaign against the Voice, which she has derided an “elite experiment”.

That’s despite around 83 per cent of Indigenous Australians supporting the move.

The Coalition, under leader Peter Dutton, is also fighting against the proposal.

Price has had a meteoric rise within Dutton’s Coalition and is the Opposition spokeswoman for Indigenous Australians.

Her comments that there were “no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation”, strongly rejected by experts, were viewed as particularly harmful given her role as the nation’s shadow Indigenous minister.

The Indigenous Voice would be a sounding board, from which the Federal Government could seek advice on issues affecting Indigenous people.

Advocates say it would help prevent waste and improve lives.

“Go put a rocket up ’em”. Source: Jacinta Price


Having a Voice dded to the Constitution was necessary because it would mean future governments — while they could choose to ignore it either way — would not be able to scrap it.

Scrapping and restarting Indigenous advisory bodies has created huge waste and lost opportunities in the past, Voice advocates say.

A referendum will be held on October 14.

Two weeks ago it was revealed Price has billed Australian taxpayers $76,509.19 for 76 business-class flights in just her first seven months in office.

That’s separate to her having accepted the opulent Chairman’s Lounge membership, valued at $20,000 over two years.

The Qantas Chairman’s Lounge has become infamous in recent months, after it was revealed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s 23-year-old son had been given membership.

Despite the potential perceived conflict, Albanese has refused to comment on the matter.

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